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Native Italians Delfo Trombetta and Erind Halilaj have a simple goal: to bring the best Italian sandwiches to Austin, Texas.


The Team


Delfo Trombetta

Partner, New Waterloo

La Matta is inspired by my childhood spent in Sicily. Life in Catania revolved around family and food: fresh bread daily from the panificio, meat from the macellaio, and fish from the pescherie. Weekends were spent around the dining room table with family, where we ate and played cards. In Catania, when someone is lucky, you jokingly say they have "culo," which translates to "butt." In the game Sette e Mezzo, I got La Matta (the wild card) a lot. I was lucky—I had a big butt.


Erind Halilaj

Executive Chef, La Matta & Il Brutto

As a result of being raised in Italy, I have a deep passion for good food and the dining experience. My goal with La Matta is to bring authentic Italian sandwiches to Austin. Authentic, meaning there is no interpretation—this is what you would eat in Italy, presented in exactly the same way.


Located at 5th & Comal

Hours of Operation

  • 11am - 9pm
  • Daily

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